Pointers for Impressive Information Technology Resumes

Famed as one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, numerous Information Technology businesses and services have recently emerged in the global commerce. However, there are actually too many Information Technology resumes submitted for a particular vacancy. With the increasing number of job applicants competing for the desirable job, how can you make yours stand out?

Appearance matters

The first thing that the hiring managers will notice in your resume is its appearance. Because they receive several job applications each day, keep in mind that it should create an impact within the first 15-20 seconds. Therefore, give importance to its presentation. Print it on a top quality bond paper. Use different font face and styles (like bold and italics) for the headings and subheadings. Make bullet points to make the copy easier to read. However, don’t overuse these formatting tools or they will lose their impact. Also, don’t shrink the margins or make the texts too condensed. Remember that it should have a clean and professional layout that could draw the eyes of your prospective employer.

Write a professional summary rather than an objective

Although it had once gained popularity, including an Objective section in your resume is considered outdated nowadays and could do more harm than good. Objective says, “This is what I want,” rather than “This is what I have to offer.” It seems to impose more of the applicant’s needs instead of the employer’s. Objective section has been replaced with a Summary section that tells about your qualifications and your expertise.

Include a section outlining your technical skills

The Technical Skills section is something that you may not see in application documents in other fields, but it is extremely crucial in Information Technology resumes. It includes the operating systems, hardware, software, and networking that you are knowledgeable of. Also, make sure to be specific and include the system versions for this section.

Highlight your accomplishments

Do not be too focused on your responsibilities from your past jobs. Prospective employers want to see accomplishments and what makes you exceptional from other job applicants. Accomplishments show how your work created an impact on the organization you had been previously a part of and how it could cause a similar effect to the job position you are applying for. Moreover, these also set you apart from other candidates and display your results.

Keep your resume up-to-date

It is advisable that you limit the details you will include in your resume within the last 10 years. Technology is a rapidly-changing trade, and what might be valuable in the past may not be significant in the present. The job responsibilities you performed more than 10 years ago might no longer be relevant nowadays.

Proofread your resume

Finally, go over your resume again once you have finished it and make sure that all of the pieces of information are accurate. It is important to check your grammar and spelling as well. Small things like typographical error could make your prospective employer doubt about your competency. It is because in the IT industry, one mistake could lead to enormous and multiple problems. Thus, make sure that it is accurate and error-free.

The resume is your first step in job application. You might be the most qualified applicant but if what you have is a sloppy-looking copy, you are lessening your chances for a possible employment. There are numerous types of Information Technology resumes that hiring managers and prospective employers encounter each day, and submitting a well-crafted one would certainly bring you on the top of the list for the interview.